Acropolis Museum: Unveiling Greece's Storied Legacy

The historical and iconic Acropolis Museum is one of the most important structures, which consists of a large range exhibition of the finds extracted from the first excavation of the Acropolis. On further excavations a much larger collection of objects was found, it was so large that a second building alongside the old building was constructed in 1988. Again, in 2004 a new Acropolis Museum was built to house the massive collection excavated from the Acropolis of Athens like the Parthenon, the Propylaea, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike.

At the museum a thematic representation of the finds of the Acropolis of Athens has been organised over the four floors- the underground, ground floor, first and second floor. By booking your Acropolis Museum tickets you’d be able to witness the large collection of more than 4,000 artefacts that belong to the Archaic, Classical and Roman periods. At the ground floor you would find the collection of objects extracted from slopes of Acropolis, the first floor deals with the history of Acropolis since the beginning of 2nd millennium B.C. and at the second floor you’d enter into the marvellous Parthenon hall. A display of underlying archeological excavation of the architecture like baths, streets, villas, plumbing, etc., at the museum would help you know more about the settlement of ancient Athens.

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  • Visit the Acropolis Museum located in Athens, at the foot of the Acropolis Hill, which is known as one of the most iconic ancient sites in the world

  • Marvel at over 1000 artifacts, dating from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine times

  • Book the Acropolis Museum tickets and admire the archaic statues as you stroll on the amazing glass floor

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
  • All visitors will be subject to a baggage check. To avoid delays, please avoid carrying large bags and luggage into the museum.
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Floors To Visit At Acropolis Museum

Ground Floor Of Acropolis Museum
Ground Floor Of Acropolis Museum

At the ground floor of the museum is accumulated the first exhibition which displays artefacts found from the slopes of Acropolis. Here, you’d enjoy the extensive collection of cookery pots and votive offerings for the gods that allows a sneak peak into the ancient lifestyle of Athenians.

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First Floor Of Acropolis museum Greece
First Floor Of Acropolis museum Greece

The history of Acropolis since the 2nd millennium B.C. has been preserved in the objects that tell about the site. You would find various objects that show about the evolution of usage of rocks in constructions of fortresses to a sculpture. A range of objects displaying history of monuments other than Parthenon like the Pericle’s program including Erechtheion and the temple of Athena Nike can be found here as well.

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Second Floor Of Acropolis Museum
Second Floor Of Acropolis Museum

It’s the Parthenon Hall where the artefacts that were discovered inside the shrine have been depicted. You must book your Acropolis Museum tickets to enjoy not only the collection discovered from the pediment of the sanctuary and the metopes as well as the views visible from the top of the hill. A walk on the floor looks like entering inside the Temple of Athena Nike.

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Experience Acropolis Museum

Experience Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum in Athens is a modern marvel that complements its ancient counterpart. Immerse yourself in Greece's archaeological treasures through its sleek design and innovative displays. The museum showcases sculptures, artifacts, and architectural fragments from the Acropolis, connecting visitors to the city's glorious past. The glass floor offers a glimpse into ongoing excavations, bridging ancient history with contemporary exploration. The Parthenon Gallery's meticulously arranged marbles awe with their detail and significance. Culminate your journey at the museum's terrace café, overlooking the Acropolis itself. This museum encapsulates Greece's rich heritage, making history come alive with a blend of reverence and modernity.

Know Before You Book Acropolis Museum

Essential Information
How To Reach
Best Time To Visit
Essential Information
  • Location: Dionysiou Areopagitou 15 Athina 117 42 Greece
  • Timing:

i. During winters (1 Nov - 31 Mar) the museum is operational between

1. 9AM to 5 PM- Monday to Thursday,

2. 9 AM to 8 PM- Saturday, Sunday and

3. 9 AM to 10 PM - Friday

ii. While In the summer season (1 Apr - 31 Oct),

1. 8 AM to 4 PM- Monday

2. 8 AM to 8 PM- Tuesday to Sunday

3. 8 AM to 10 PM- Friday

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Tips To Visit Acropolis Museum

Tips To Visit Acropolis Museum
  • It’s advisable to arrive early at the museum and enjoy a detailed tour. You must book your Acropolis Museum tickets with an option of ‘skip the line’, it would save your time as you won’t have to stand in massive entry lines.
  • You shouldn’t miss the upper galleries where you would get an idea about the layout structure of Parthenon. Here, you could look at the huge friezes, statues, baths, streets, villas and other such Byzantine architecture that give an idea about the settlement in ancient Athens.
  • You can enjoy the gallery talks of the Acropolis Museum’s archeologists and learn interesting facts about the ancient city of Athens.

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FAQs For Acropolis Museum

What is the Acropolis Museum famous for?

    The museum of Acropolis is famous for the extensive collection of more than 4,000 exhibits that belong to the Archaic, Classical and Roman periods. Alongwith a peek into the repository of the ancient Greek culture you can also enjoy panoramic views of the hills and mountains of Attica. The highlight of the tour is the underlying excavation site where the exhibits are displayed in the museum galleries.

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